Lunchtime ride (pics added)

I love being able to hit the trails real quick at lunch time. Leave work and within 2 minutes I'm in the woods. Nothing like a 20-30 minute ride to wake you up for the afternoon. And for this time of year it does wake you up, it's around 50-60 degrees.

Just had to post I'm all pumped up from my ride :D:)

sounds like fun, the only problem i would have with that is quiting after 30 min of riding. i would want to stay out the rest of the day.

Your right - stopping is no fun. But knowing going into it that it is going to be just a quick ride helps. Also I don't have the normal riding gear on (boots/pants/jersey) so I kind of have to stay out of the big mud holes :)

That's cool man! My lunch-time rides are limited to the cow pasture right now. Dodging cow patties tends to keep you awake too! :)

Man you are lucky! I would have to ride about an hour from work just to see some dirt. Must be nice, enjoy it before some huge friggin' mall gets thrown up where you ride.

Here are some pics of Todays ride :)




nice pics man, i need to try that sometime to cut down on the stress here at work. like i said before, i would probably get out there and find an excuse to not come back!

Yo man .... what you are doing is just wrong! Tormenting us like that ! Damn I would kill to have wet ground like that to ride on. Count your blessings my friend cause you are definately blessed. Thanks for rubbing it in, I mean sharing with us.


Fryboy, don't mean to rub it in :D well maybe a little bit :D

I will not feel so lucky in about 2 months when it's frozen and covered in snow :)





I wish :D :D :D:):D

Come on BLK RFL, that's just not nice. Those are nice pics, and yet I am still here typing and counting dots. I am headed out tonight after I change a friend's tires for him. See ya.

Being self employed myself i often take the day off to go out on my bike :)

Nice pics BLK-RFL. I ride to work every friday...I don't get to hit any trails like you, but I do get to hammer a nice hill climb. I love to see those leaves turning in your pics 'cause that means they are headed my way (Connecticut) :) Fall is my favorite time to ride...Just have to watch out for those hidden rocks under the leaves.


:):D :D :D :D

Ummm ...

What pics???




I remember when my black plastic was that shiny :)


That first one belongs in a Suzuki brochure!!

BTW If i had to venture a guess I'd say that was somewhere between concord and rochester. Maybe north of Roch, say farmington/milton area. Second guess would be southwestern part of state but i would think there would be bigger hills in that vista shot in the other thread. Am I close??

Hit the nail right on the head :D

Good old Rochester.

Pics are gone right now must have hit my 60-meg limit for today :)

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