Suspension settings

Trying to get the 1998 WR 400 I just bought ready for racing. I am 6 ft and about 200lbs. Don't have a clue about suspension on off road bikes.

Can anyone tell me what setting front and rear would suit my size. I am using stock springs and if I can help it would like to stay with these to keep costs down for this season

Thanks folks


At your weight, the only thing you can do is get used to an overly soft suspension if you're unwilling to replace the springs, front and rear. The simple fact is a stock bike is sprung for someone in the 165 pound range. Changing out springs is a very simple operation. All you need is the manual, some tools, some fork oil and the new springs...SC

OK can you recommend springs, do i need to do front and back?

You'll need a 5.6 shock spring, and .48 fork springs. I'd go with 5# fork oil at the stock level per the manual. It's a very easy procedure. The only trick part is setting the oil level. If you get the Motion Pro tool with the syringe, it's a breeze...SC

Get a revalve. It costs more but is well worth it

I agree with the last two posts except I think that .48 springs for the front is too stiff for 200 pounds. It does depend on what valving you use.

I go 210 - 220 w/gear. My forks and shock were revalved by MCR with .46 front and 5.4 rear.

Before the revalve I avoided the whoops here in MI like the plague, now it tracks straight and I go though twice as fast. Biggest problem is I get tired now.

You haven't actually said what the problem is, is it too soft, bottoming out etc.

I'm guessing that the fork action is also pretty harsh? Not plush and smooth.

Assuming it's too soft (and that the action is harsh) I agree that stiffer springs (and a revalve) will probably be required.

Proaction in North Yorkshire, UK (01977-672400) can do a fork revalve for about 160 quid. They can fit the springs also.

It all depends how serious you are about your racing but as 02WR426Cali said it costs more but is worth it.

That's a great help guys, I will look into postage costs from Ireland to Yorkshire, or alternatively get somone local to get me the valves and springs and put them in for me. The forks bottom out on heavy landings, probably as much the fault of my sloppy landings, wife has me on diet, but broke my thumb in a fall over XMas so it ain't going to well. No panic in getting bike sorted either as in a cast for another 4 weeks.

Anyway many thks for your help and advice


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