From a CRF to a Y-Zed 250. Prelim. report

Ok so I did it. I converted back to a 2003 YZ250, from my CRF. God how different these two beasts are. I rode the YZ in the desert (The usual break in time I do out there) and what a "HIT" the thing has, were the CRF is smooth. Nothing personal against the CRF, infact I really liked it however I felt I could turn a 2:10 lap time instead of a 2:12 on my CRF. I will go back to a four stroke, however as of right now I "feel" I can go faster on a 250, than I can a 450 (again it's rider preference so don't rip me apart), the cornering on any 250 from a 450 feels like your RC in the corner combined with a surge of power. I will be getting a four stroke within 3 years or so, but as of right now I'm happy with my bike (although I will never switch a bike in the middle of a race season about work, and missing races trying to get it prepped right). I will post more differences sunday afternoon after i go to speedworld here in AZ.

Maybe you should be posting on a yz250 forum.

-pjl - don't take this personal, but I'm going to "nip" this right now. :)

Constructive posts from any member are welcome. A CRF owner or former owner relating his experiences in a rational, non "flame bait" manor is ON TOPIC. :D

Your experience reflects my friend's experience very closely. He went from a CR250 to a 02 CRF450R to a 02 CR125 to a 03 CRF450R. Now he is questioning if he should have stuck with 2-strokes. Some people are just more comfortable racing MX on 2-strokes.

He was all hot to get a KX250 when he showed up with a CRF450R. Personally, I think he should have bought a YZ250 or CR250.

Also, if your local track is more like a SX track (jump jump turn, jump jump turn, ... ) a 2-stroke makes more sense.


I don't know what your problem is (obviously chris got the point when I was trying to relate this when I just had a CRF a week ago).

Kev, good point. 2 out of the three tracks that I race on the AMX series are "close cornered" tracks. I just feel that when I have to jump, then clutch and hit the brakes it would be easier for me to get the YZ 250. I love the YZ 250's engine, it has power everywhere. The only thing I REALLY miss so far about my CRF is the traction. The CRF feels like a bulldozer, and my YZ feels like a run away train at times...Anyway IMO I think that the is the best two smoke this year. I'll give more feedback after I get the suspension dialed in and I get a chance to tear it up at speedworld on sunday here in AZ. :)

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