Supermotard in Mettet

Six US riders are in England getting ready to race in Belgium this weekend. With the help of Paul Brent of Moto-naster USA,Glenn Curtiss of superbikes2 and Dave Lippy of Supermoto mag. The rides making the journey over are.

Mike Metzger the godfather of freestyle riding a CR250/500 Moto-master/Allen/Maxxis/White Brothers

Mark Miller AMA Superbike and Formula Extreme racer

Husaberg 650 Moto-master/Maxxis

17 year old Wisconsin motard hotshot Ben Carlson

Husaberg 650 DCR/Moto-master/Maxxis

Steve Drew socal supertt racer

Bracken/moto-master/Maxxis KTM540

Casey Yarrow Socal supertt racer

White Brothers/Moto-master/Maxxis CRF450

Eric Pinton Bike KTM620?

Mark Miller and Mike Metzger are riding in the starbiker race, The others are racing the Supermotard super class. All these riders have Motoman 393 stickers on there bike, Follow them on I will have a full report on the race next week and hopefully a video.

Paul Brent

Moto-Master USA

Awesome!! It's about time we showed them over there that the sport is alive here!!!

I am sure that they'll do us proud!



Congrats on making this happen Paul :D :D

First report in from Glenn.Pictures to follow.

We just finished up our first day of riding in the UK. Dave Lippett had us scheduled for a day of testing at a track near Fleet which is southwest of London. Small track but perfect for getting our US contingent ready and familer with their prespective race bikes.

Casey Yarrow will be riding a familer Honda CRF450. He took to that bike right away. He wasted very little time in showing the rest that he could pitch and slide a bike. Lap after lap, Casey painted dark lines on the track into various different turns.

Steve Drew is on Leighton Haigh's backup bike. The 2001 British Supermoto champion provided Drew with a KTM520 machine. Steve took some time to come to terms with his machine but in the end, he also came away with a good feeling about the weekend to come.

Ben Carlson will be aboard a brand new Husaberg FC650 which Dave Lippett will pilot in the rest of this seasons races. Dave had spent many hours sorting out all the details for this trip which we are all very gratefull.

One week before we left for the UK, Ben had broken a bone in his hand and has had a hard time with the clutch and the rough terrain. We all hope that he can ride at his full potential this weekend. After some fettling with the bike, he started running with the fast group today, so things look good.

Mark Miller and Mike Metzger also made it today and put in good rides. Mike is riding a CR250/500 hybrid and really started to click off some impressive laps. Mark will be riding the second Husaberg FC650 and was putting on an exceptionally good show today.

Tomorrow evening (Thursday night) we will be making the trip across the channel into France and to Belgium to get ready for this weekend's running of the Superbiker race. We are all revved up and looking to bring back some good finishes.

More to come.

Glenn Curtiss

Good luck guys, from a British SM rider.

I think that the guys will be very impressed by the standard of the European riders, they are awesome. I sometimes wonder how they can ride at those angles and speeds, the bikes are never pointing in a straight line!! :)

Hope the guys do well and that the sport starts to pick up in the USA. You do have the pedigree with Supercross/MotoX and Flat racing, just a case now of bringing it all together.

I believe that the Memmet races will be on television in the UK later in the week, hope to keep an eye out for you all.

This year there isn't a lot of good supermotard riders in Mettet because there is a world championship supermoto event in Austria, too sad.

BTW, I've raced in Mettet 3 times, it's a great event, the only one where you compete with great riders coming from road racing and MX like Everts, Smets and so many others.

Just a quick up date.

The riders all arrived at Mettet on friday morning, Walked the track. Got there bikes all set up new tires, changed oils etc etc. Now the bad part, There are 400 riders and only 14 spots open in the main.

More to come.


Just got off the phone with the boys, And things are looking good. Steve Drew and Casey Yarrow both made it thought to the main. Mark Miller and Mike Metzger are also in the main.

Ben Carlson's hand was giving him problems so he did not make it, Thats such bad luck for Ben as I know he is very fast. But 400 down to 28 for the main and we have four riders, thats good going for are boys, There riding the wheels off there bike's. I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow.


Well Paul.....what happened?? I have been gone because of the wedding and am out of the loop!! :)

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