Whats my 06 wr 450 worth?

I have 06 WR 450 with all free mods done. With new this last spring gpr steering stabilizer, pro rekluse, regina chain, renthal sprockets, tm chain guides, pro taper handlebars, msr bark buster, new tires just put on, and Im going to replace all the plastic and new grafix. I'm going to be selling just after the first of the year. I would like to hear thoughts on what it might be worth. I mostly ride poker runs, trail rides, and a few enduros.

Well, it's worth what you can get for it, but beyond that...

People I know have bought new '07s for around $6200 OTD. As soon as they put one ride on it, it's worth maybe $5500

A year later it's worth AT BEST $5000. I bought a practically brand-spanking-new '01 WR426 in mid-2002 for $4900. I bought my practically brand-spanking-new '04 WR450 in early '06 for $4700. Condition is everything. These bikes were bone-stock and hardly ridden. I won't buy anything with even a fair number of miles on it.

Apply a discount because your '06 has been ridden somewhat, add a little for the aftermarket stuff, and I think you should be very happy to get $4500. Many have sold for less.

Also, it's been my experience that installing brand-new tires before selling isn't worth the time and money. Also, you should only install new plastic and graphics if your current stuff is haggard. You won't get back what it cost to buy and install, but it's way harder to sell a haggard-looking four-stroke at any price.

Lastly, expensive, specialised aftermarket goodies like stabilizers rarely add to what you'll get for the bike. May be better off to sell on Ebay.

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