Anybody doing VDR harescrambles in Bertoud

I got a card listing all the hare scrambles coming up at VDR in Berthoud. Is anybody racing in them? I think I will try some in Oct. and Nov., if my back is healed up in time.(I broke it on labor day). I was a pretty fast rider before my back injury, I could keep up with my friend who places top ten in every 250 novice race, so how is the competition at the scrambles? Does everyone start at once?I don't want to end up scrambled eggs! Any tips on racing this event are appeciated.

I'm planning to go. First one is Oct 27th if I remember correctly. I raced a couple of them last year and had a great time. The terrain is pretty easy and overall it's a fast track. I'm looking forward to it!!!


I'll be doing them starting with the second race, have to miss the first

one due to shoulder surgery recovery.

Milliken is also having a series this winter.

Do search on Berthoud and Milliken, there was a thread that answered the

questions you are asking.

Definitely a fun race, 2 hours+ on the bike.

Word, I'll see you guys there. I will be on the blue 426 with the knobbies. I ride (rode) Berthoud's main track 2-3 times a week, for the past coupla years, so hopefully I'll be faster on that section than most. That long, skinny,flat windy track out back is pretty fun and fast too, especially on the rare days when it's groomed. Do they link all the courses together (hopefully not the supercross track!!)? I'm starting to get excited for it, it will be my first official race event, I hope my back is feein good, I don't want a DNF!!

The first year I ran the HS (3 years ago) they ran through the SX track,

VERY interesting. They don't do that anymore.

Everything else is fair game, MX tracks and trails out back.

I rode out at Berthoud last night...the SX track is not ridable right now. It looks like they have alrady started grooming for the HS.

On a side note...I think that Andy Atkins was there #940, he was tripling the section after the turn after the step down (track going clockwise) :) It was the first time I have ever seen this and he made it look easy :D Another guy was also trying it but wasn't quit clearing it smooth.

I believe that was matt karlson #940 :)

I get freaked out everytime I get to that section:

The bike landing on your tailbone will tend to do that to a person. :)

And I was only trying to double - single it......

The best section I ever saw somebody do out there was the rhythm section

after the big triangle hill. They came down the hill, jumped the first two

whoops, hit the table and soared over the table and the next two whoops.

I watched them practicing it for about 10 mins then rode away with my tail

between my legs....... :D

a question from the ignorant.

Whats the difference between a MX and a HS? I guess I was under the impression that HS were more natural terrain and less track? I have been interested in trying an enduro, but dont know what a Harescramble really is.

Thanks for any help you can give

Race :)

My fault I get the numbers mixed up :D It was still pretty freakin' cool :)

A HS is a 2 hour race where the racers do as many laps as possible. It encorporates all the different tracks they have at Berthoud and is around 5-10 miles long. They are also a lot better for beginners IMHO because a lot of the riders are just there to have fun.

Can someone tell me what the requirements are as far as numbers go, specifically do I need a number on my jersey? Do they follow SRAC rules? How many riders are there in the senior class? Don't worry, I'm not that fast :) I am going to try and do the first Berthoud race. Look for the Motoman 393 sticker on my helmet.


Racemile...I love hare scrambles, but they do wear you out. Usually they are two hours long over natural terrain. I just did a three hour one last weekend by myself (rainy and 45 degrees). They usually throw everything in: hills, water crossings, mud, mx track, staight-a-ways, turns, ect. They have flags that you must follow and gates that you must pass between. They have checkpoints to keep track of your laps and spotters to make sure you don't miss any gates/flags. Everyone races at the same time, so you might not be racing the guy in front of you because he's in a different class. I like it better than MX, because it just seems everyone's there to have fun. I hope this didn't confuse you too much, jusy try it and have fun. Let us know how you did.

You don't need a specific number, you get a sticker for

your helmet and they mark it every lap.

The race goes through the MX tracks and the trails out back.

Not sure how many in the senior class, but enough to have to just have fun or you can try to be really competitive also.

It is not a SRAC event, just put on my the track itself.

Hope to see you at the 2nd race!

Tripiling that section takes definitely takes some nuts. I have never seen anybody do it. I double-single it, and that is sketchy sometimes. Everyone I ride wit has wrecked in that section including me. I have cleared the second double once off the table on the double table double and will never try again. I cleared it by a mile and flew off the track, it's more fun standard style anyways, and you can set up for that sharp right better. That hare scramble should be a blast, can't wait. :)

Just a reminder, if you can't wait to get some HS action there is one

this weekend at Milliken.

It sounds like a gas if there is more trail than track, but, I don't fly to well, nor am I willing to learn at this point. I am 39, what class would that put me in? Do they have an over 30 beginner course?

How much do they usually charge for an entry fee for this stuff?

Thanks for the reply's


Wow, you guys talking about the track at Berthoud sure brings back some good memories. I rode their all the time when I lived in Cheyenne and then in Fort Collins. I miss that high speed, hard pack track. Did they ever get rid of that straight up "mountain" thing? Why it was their always made me wonder. Later.


It is more trails than track. The course is usually about 6 miles long.

Everybody ride the same course. (Except the pee wees)

At 39 you could race:

Sportsman: Beginner, supposed to be less than 1 year racing experience

I think.

Novice: Next class up, this is the class I started in at age 30, I thought the

Sportsman class was for fast guys who did not want to run pro. So I ended

up getting smoked the first couple of races.

Intermediate: Above Novice. If you are fast you could try this one.

Vet (30+): Some VERY fast guys in this class.

The cost is $10 at the gate + $25 per class ($35 pro)

More info:

Just so you know, if you sign up for a class and are either too fast,

too slow etc you can change the next race. It is billed as a "fun" series

during the winter so you can get some race time in. Don't let that fool you,

you can get ultra competitve also.

You should give it a shot, it is a blast!

At least you know what to expect now, my first race ever was this HS and

I showed up with NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. Now I'm hooked.


That mountain is still there (the triangle down by the entrance?)

I think it is there to scare you silly when you accidentally give it too much

gas and float halfway down the other side!

I'm coming down from South Dakota with a couple of buddies. I'll be #5 on the CRF450 with blue fenders :) I'll look for TT stickers and Motoman stickers to recognize fellow TT dudes. If anyone sees the black trailer from SD, stop by and say hi!! I love those harescrambles!!


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