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Maintenance on WR?

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Hey WRmiesters,

I'm considering getting a WR400/426 or 250 and am wondering how much maintenance I can expect to do with the bike?

I change the oil & filter, and clean the air filter on my KLX650R (for sale) every 2-3 rides.

And then other then keeping it cleaned, the bolts tightened up, checking the valves once in a while, I don't have to do much to it.

Any input would be appreciated.


FeelingLazy, WA

Ps: (say in a bored monotone) Oh yeah. You guys are great. This is the greatest board. I am so glad I found this board, etc, etc...

Only kidding :^)

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WR is probably a little more maintenance, but not much. I change oil and clean air filter every ride. Change oil filter every 5 rides or so. I have checked valves once in 1-1/2 years and converted to YZ cam timing. Everything else seems to stay tight.


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