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OT - SBK in Fontana This Weekend

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I'll be there Sunday! :)

And I'll be riding at Elsinore on Saturday! :D:D

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I wanna see Gobert beat Nicky by wisker at the line!

Oh wait a minute... I like Erik Bostrom too...

Ok, I wanna see Gobert 1st, Bostrom 2nd, and Nicky 3rd. I don't care about after that so I'll say Miguel can have 4th.

Oh, wait a minute... come to think about it, I want Chandler to get 4th...

Oh no... I forgot about Yates...

Come to think of it... as long as Kurtis and Hacking take each other out I'll be happy.

Ya, that's it!

Oh crap, I forgot there are two races!

Ok, in that case I want....

Aww, screw it.

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MG, you have good taste when it comes to SBK. Gobert by wisker! :)

To everyone else in SoCal - Real SBK is here. Do yourself a favor and go watch it!

Here is the scoop:


This 2.36-mile, 21-turn layout will offer tight turns, hard braking and fast straight-aways for motorcycle competitors. Like the auto course, this circuit will utilize part of the oval, transitioning from the oval to the road course between turns one and two. The motorcycles will exit the infield portion near the exit of turn four and drop down from the oval just past the exit to pit lane.

Take a ride around California Speedway's new 2.3-mile, 21-turn road course with Nicky Hayden:

"Up the front straightaway it's 275 kilometers (approximately 170 mph). That's the fast part of the track ? topped out, sixth gear, then the first corner (the beginning of turn one on the oval as the riders transition down to the apron).

Through the chicane, not real hard on the brakes, backshift three gears, then pretty hard on the brakes. After that is a pretty hard transition you have to be ready for, then back right and through the long left (apron of the oval between turns one and two). It's third gear and pretty much steady all the way through that, and at the very end, it tightens up ? stand it up a bit ? back shift to first and then a quick left/right. (turns three and four).

It really drives out of there good ? the bike spins up a bit there, so you have to stand the bike up and hang off. The next left hander is a really good corner - completely flat and it's long (turns five and six), so it's important to get in too hot actually and let your speed carry you out and bring it back. You get quite a bit of wheel spin out of there, so it's important to get on the gas, then through the fast left (turn seven)/right (turn eight), pretty much routine.

Eight A to nine is the trickiest corner on the track because the apex is really late in the corner ? you run it in and backshift to first. It's also the slowest corner on the track ? really important to trail brake all the way in and on the way out it's important to get on the gas as soon as possible because the front end wants to wheelie a lot.

The next turn ? 10 and 11 ? is basic. It's just a really fast flick through. It?s important not to rush into it but focus more on getting a good drive because you have a long straightaway ? so it's important to have good speeds on the way out all the way up to fourth gear and the thing just touches the rev limiter before you get back on the brakes ? hard braking ? I mean it's all you got into 12.

Twelve, 13, 14 and 15 - it all flows really good. It's tight and on a superbike it's a lot of work trying to get the thing to change directions going east and west. It's a lot of work, plus the thing wants to wheelie and then 17 is a fun corner - barely lean it over and hard on the gas.

Eighteen/19 is probably the fastest, real corner on the track. It's mainly important to get a good drive down the long straightaway - there I'm trying to make my apex as late as possible and flick it in. The bike moves around a lot on this transition back onto the banking ? it's rough on a bike ? but it's one place that's really important to have the bike working good over the transition (turns 20 and 21)."

All in about 1:26.0 and then it's back down the straightaway at 170 mph.


[ April 05, 2002: Message edited by: Ron in SoCal ]

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Gobert wins!!!

Is he going to win again tomorrow... hell yes he is!

Ron, you owe me a "high five" :)


[ April 06, 2002: Message edited by: MotoGreg ]

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