Coming to a trail near you.

Just when you thought you could escape to the woods....KTM to the rescue! That pretty thing would get all scratched and banged up chasing me through some of the places I ride..

Can't wait to see one on the trail....heheheh.

Bonzai :)

Yah they still gotta catch you..

That reminds me of like Mad Max movies and Robocop

so you think they got any chance at all trying to run down a suspect that knows how to ride a YZ or a CRF :)

I say Pin the whoops if they got Kahoona's to follow then pull over you deserv to shake there hands :D

Nothin funnier than a cop thats chasin you eating a tree!!!! Maybe thats their tactic...get you laughin so hard that YOU fall off your bike :)

I would love to see cops patrolling the trails

Maybe they would run into some of those Greenie Terrorist


Never fear! The Iowa DOT would never allow such a could (almost) keep up with those outlaw D.S. conversions!!! :)

Let's see the SuperMotard version of it, for chasing down bikers on Harleys... because their bikes were to LOUD! :)


Won't take me two minutes to leave that thing at the bottom of a greasy hill.

Years ago the forest service in Colorado (Rampart Range in particular) had XR200's. They were a joke until the guys got hands free radios in their helmets. Then they could actually call ahead while riding and have guys waiting at the other end of the trail.

I was riding last summer near Red Cone and Webster Pass and there was a Sheriff and Forest Ranger on unmarked ATV's. You didn't even know who they were until you were right on top of them. Cell phones, radios and guns. We were legal but some 4x4 guys were drinking and smoking substances. We warned people as we passed them but it made me realize that even remote trails are being watched a lot closer than in the past.


Well, at least they are not Orange :) . If I see one Ill try to remember not to ask him if hes got an extra cold beer in that cooler :D

I think this ATK would be a bigger threat! :)


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