Magnesium Triple Clamps

has anyone tried the GYT-R or White Bros. Mag triple clamps? Which is better? Does the GYT-R clamp price ~270 include the Mag bar mounts?


Joe :)

Hey,those white bros magnesium clamps are made by a company called TOPAR in Trinidad in Colorado.They make all kinds of really neat stuff like rear sharkfins, front sharkfins, countershaft guards, ignition covers.They also make all those parts in magnesium for a nominal fee. I think thaey can also anodize aluminum parts gold, red, blue. Give him a call-David Lambert@719-846-9458, e-mail him@ tell him Kevin from Summit sent you

Far out! They sell direct? How do you like yours?

MXA Nov claims the RG3's are the best, but are not lighter than stock. I wouldn't change the stock clamps as the bike is awesome as it is. But, I'll need to to put Pro Tapers on it. So, I figure I'll try to go lighter.


Joe :)

The Topar clamps I think are one of the best I've seen. The clamps have this really light gold look to them. The only brand I think that look even more trick are the RG3's!!! But there is a downside to magnesium tripleclamps. You have to be careful what degreaser you use or it will pit the magnesium. Don't use any acid based cleaners like BIG ORANGE, or the ZEP brand degreasers. Topar will also build magnesium ignition covers, Sharkfins f+r, countershaft guards, and many other neat products. They are a way cool company. Also they have one of the coolest tracks private motocross tracks I've ever seen. If your in Trinidad Co take some time and check them out. You will be very impressed.

Check out their website

or email them at

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