Rings or Valve Seals?

no, i've not been away. i just couldn't post until today.

i have a problem with my bike:

it is spooging like a poorly jetted 2smoke mixed at 4:1

i mean it is dripping off the tail pipe.

the question is:

is it the rings?


is it the valve seals?

and if you answer, please explain why you think that way.

does it smoke too?

Did someone sneak some premix into your tank?

Rule of thumb is: Smoke on acceleration is rings. Smoke on deceleration is valve guide seals. Other factors enter into it, such as leaks between oil journal and head gasket.

Another rule of thumb that works for me almost 100% of the time (even if I don't want to admit it) is to look at the last thing that was changed, worked on, etc. In other words "What was not put back exactly right".

Sorry to hear about your problem. Didn't you just redo the top with a big bore kit? Keep us informed on your findings. Sounds like a tear down is in order.

i wish it was premix snuck into my tank!

when Tex Labo rode with me, he it was fine for a while, then after a cool down it smoked on accleration.

last thing done was a complete tear down. Soooooooo, from the cases up is fresh. externally, the only indication is the tail pipe. the plug come out black. not rich fouled, nor oil fouled, just black. like the porcelin is black and not white.

otherwise it freakin rips!

well most likely you busted the oil ring or its gummed up somehow. It would be best to tear it down to see what the deal is.

If the bike smokes on start up or on decel, it's valve guide seals. The oil is leaking past the seal onto the valve head and smoking, also under vacum under decel the same result.

If it smokes all the time, rings or fouled up oil ring. If it's spoogeying, I would guess rings.... Try a leak down test or compression test, assuming your valves are in adjustment.


Good to see ya back on line!

If just the oil ring is whacked, it most likely wont show on the leakdown or compression test. It plays no part in the compression game. Yer just gonna have to tear it down to see whats up.

How did you break in the engine after the rebuild?

Is your oil level is still up? Could it be a head gasket? Is your coolant level still OK? :)

i broke it in as per EG's suggestions.

coolant level is ok.

does NOT smoke on startup nor on decel.

oil level does drop a little, but not much. maybe a 1/8th of a cup.

the valves SHOULD be in spec, since it was torn apart and adjusted and only has 3 tanks of fuel on it since.

yup sounds like the oil ring. you gotta bust it open to see though.

it is spooging like a poorly jetted 2smoke mixed at 4:1


I'm just courious if you found the source of your "smoking" problem and if it possibly could have been related to the type of oil? I'm still a little leary of using an automotive oil in our 13,500 RPM motorcycle engines.


Dirt Surfer :)

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