Edelbrock Carb on a XR650L with a 4.7Gallon Clarke Tank. Issues??

Hey Guys

I am done messing with my stock carb and am going to be replacing it with an edelbrock right after the holidays.

Rode with a friend of mine yesterday that has one and loves it.

I am not looking for maximum horsepower, instead i am looking for smooth throttle response and easy adjustability for elevation change.

I have read somewhere that there are fitment issues with the 4.7 gallon clarke tank because the petcock hangs to low.

Can anyone confirm or add some insight into this?

Also, where should i buy it? Barnums email isnt working and i dont see it listed on their site anymore.


Absolutely none.

Nope, no problems with the tank at all. :banghead:

The only problem I had with my Edelbrock was running the cables, and that was mostly because I have an aftermarket headlight and there wasn't sufficient room to run the cables between it and the fork tubes (stock location) without having them bind up at some point in the turning radius. I remedied this by getting a new Motion Pro quick ratio throttle assembly and cables, then running the cables behind the handle bars, over the top of the head and to the carb. :D:busted::D

I am running the Edelbrock and IMS 4.6 gal tank with no issues. I even have the Baja Designs E-Start kit installed and the battery is mounted right under the Edelbrock carb. It is a pretty tight fit but nothing rubs. I am not familiar with the Clarke tank but they must be somewhat similar. I mean, there can't be that many ways to get the extra fuel space without going under the seat?

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