Factory Service Manual

I am looking for a factory service manual for a TTR250. I have an '01. Anything from '99 on would work.


IMO the factory manuals ususally cost twice as much and have half the info verses the aftermarket manuals. I've got both for my quad (Yamaha Warrior) and I never touch the factory manual. With that said, you can pick up a Haynes manual for the TTR's at www.motorcyclebooks.com for $16.22 plus $3.50 shipping. Factory manuals are usually a dealer thing for $40+.

I saw the the Haynes manual you are referring to. It seemed to cover a lot of bikes. It covered all the PWs, RTs, TTRs and XTs. I did not think it would be that good. Does anyone have it? Comments about it?

I would want detailed information on how to rebuild a shock, forks, engine etc. My factory XR250 book is about 1/2" thick. If this was going to have the same detail with all these bikes it would need to be the thickness of a phone book.

I have one. Haven't used it yet because the TTR90 is an '02 and the upcoming TTR125L will be an '03. As far as detail, they common things up where ever they can, such as most oft he PW50/80 stuff and the RT100/180 because the bikes are low tech and practically the same. On a subject like the TTR250 forks, it is all alone because it's so different from all the other bikes in the book.

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