Oil level not dropping

Now for the next problem, finally got the wrecked oil drain plug off. Drained the oil and was filling back up, got about 1.2 leters in and dipped it, when I pulled dip out it was twice as high as the high mark and it is not dropping. I'm thinking its airlocked but not sure how to clear it. All the breather hose look ok. Any ideas?? Should I kick it over?

Did you pull the drain plug in the frame too?

There's one in the motor and one in the frame (just above the skid plate on the down tube). They both must be drained for an oil change.

Download the manual:


Instructions from the manual:

1. Stand the machine on a level surface

2. Idle the engine for more than 3 minutes while keeping the machine upright. Then stop the engine and inspect the oil level.

3. Remove the oil tank cap (dip stick)

4. Oil level should be between the max and min marks (within the hash marks).

Note: Do not screw the oil tank cap into the oil tank, insert lightly.

In the oil change instructions it also mentions that you should loosen the oil gallery bolt at the top of the head on the right side to cause a slight leak to check oil flow. if it does not start to leak in the first minute shut the engine off to keep it from seizing. If it starts to leak, tighten it to 10Nm.


Didn't do the frame drain plug will go drain the whole lot now and try again.


Happy Xmas

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