I will trade my 02 front springs for a SOFTER ones

Anyone have softer front springs that will fit my 02 CRF that want's to trade? I want the springs to be between 38-42 in front. Honda and the rest of them seem to build bikes for fat asses (expert?) :D

What the difference between a fatso and an expert? (both require stiffer springs)....okay bad joke...i know...sorry :)

If you are interested in some 45's I will sell you a set for $40+ shipping. I would not go much lighter than that with the stock valving.

I have aome .44's, these came out of my 01 cr 250, practically new (maybe 2-4 hours)

I have .43s....am I the winner

I have .42 but I want it even lighter. I'm only 135 lbs.

Hey Ty, how much for the .44's?

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