Merry Christmas......

to ALL my TT compadres!:banghead::busted::D :D

to ALL my TT compadres!:banghead::busted::D :D

right back at ya bibleman. :D have a great christmas.....

Same to you Bibleman! Merry Christmas everyone! Lets not forget the reason for this holiday.

Bibleman, look at the time of your post.:banghead: Bruce

Have a happy, jolly good time folks!:banghead:

Merry Christmas from the Great White North!!:banghead::D :D :busted::D

Santas cruising thru SoCal right now MERRY X-MAS Even you Martin

Merry christmas Bibleman and everyone out in TT Land ! Yes, I also noticed the time you wrote this thread !!!!! COOL ! Did you here on the news today some where back east a man nailed a santa to a 16 foot cross and put a sign (SANTA DIED FOR YOUR MASTERCARD !) the reason for the season is real !With that said thank you to all of you for your time on my bike and letting me be a part of your fourm. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !! :banghead::busted::D:D


Merry Christmas everyone and may god bless you and your family!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope all of you were good this season and Santa brings all of your motorcycle goodies that were on your wish list.

Merry Christmas 2 u 2 Bibleman and to everyone here at TT. hope u all have a safe and happy one and get all the toys u deserve

happy holidays fellow pig riders!!:banghead:

Merry X-mas kidz.......:banghead:

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