Missouri Riders

I'm just curious to see how many MO riders view this site. I'm new here and I'm starting to see a lot of neihbors. I'm originally from Ste. Genevieve, but recently moved to Valley Park to get closer to work. I do most of my riding out at St. Joe Park and I hit a hare scramble every now and then. Maybe we can hook up some weekend. C-ya!

As far as I know there are about 4-5 Missourians that post here regularly.

Glad to have you aboard! :)

Welcome G-Ride2. I'm also a Missouri participant. I went to St. Joe St. Park a while back. It's a fun ride.

Darin. How was White Rock?

Im leaving tonight. Going to ride all day saturday.

WHOO HOOOOOO!!!! cant wait!!! :):D:D:D

I dont know wht, but Im more stoked about this ride than any I have done in a long time.


I live about 10 minutes from you in south county right at 270 and 55. I haven't ridden at St. Joe in awhile, kind of got board with it. We've been doing alot of riding in the Potosi area lately, miles and miles of trails. I'm not able to ride this weekend but maybe we could hook up in the next week or two. Send me an email and maybe we could hook up. I wouldn't mind heading to St. Joe sometime, I haven't been there in a long time.

A few of us are accross the state from you guys in KC..anyone riding Chadwick..drop a line..myself, KCHusky,Scott in KC, and BigLou all live near each other. I rode the Missouri race at Park Hills a few weeks ago..the course was nasty but would like to play ride there just to see more of it. Anyone that hasn't ridden Chadwick is missing out..throw on an old worn down rear tire and get there...good stuff to be had! I think I saw the Milkman about a month ago..we were getting dressed and I saw a Hurricane go by with "House" on the back of the chest protector..figured that had to be the one and only! Anyway, not many Missourians around here


Hi guys. I hang out in the KTM forum, but watch the WR stuff for my buddy. I live close to Harrisonville, and he lives around Parkville. I have a couple of places kind of close, but we haven't found anything "Official" in north KC. I agree, Chadwick is a blast, but you have to throw on an old tire.


Hey guys,

I am in the KC area and race hairscrambles (Kansas series mostly) but want to check out more riding and racing on the MO side. Unfortunately I am out until July with a broken humerus. I will be looking forward to getting back out there and it would be great to hook up with some of you then.

The wife and I are at Chadwick. Great riding. If you see a WR400 and TTR250 on the trails, say Hi.

Hey Jason, That was me. Good eye!

Next time you see me, flag me down.

I'll keep a eye out for you next time Im down there Jekel.

BTW: I've got an unbeliveable story from our trip to White Rock this weekend. I'll post the story tomorrow. It might take a while to type.

I missed out on riding this weekend with my brother and a friend, but maybe the weekend after next I can hook up with some of you guys out at St. Joe park, or possible out at Potosi? I know St. Joe does get boring if you rode out there more than 5 times. I wish they never closed down the chat hills. My brother has a 2000 YZ250 and a friend of ours has a 98 husaberg. Ride on!

Greetings fellow Missourians!!!!!

I too live close to the St. Louis area, I rode this weekend down at St. Joe Park in Flat River.

Where abouts have you been riding in Potosi?

Shoot me a date and place and maybe we can all hook up sometime for a ride.

Did anybody attend Supercross at the Edward Jones Dome Saturday night?

Hope to see you soon.

Mark Scheitlin



The place we've been riding in Potosi doesn't have a name that I know of other than Mark Twain National Forest. I can give you some vague directions though. If you come into Potosi on Hwy 21 from St. Louis you make a right on Hwy 8 and then a quick left on Hwy C. Follow C down about 15 miles and look for a little road on the right, I think it is called 643. This road will turn in to gravel a mile or so down, you just keep following the gravel roads making left turns at every gravel road that comes up. You probably go about 8 to 10 miles down these gravel roads and it will eventually come to a little place to turn around and that's where most people park. I think you can also just continue on C a little further and it supposed to run right into another parking area but I don't know for sure. You'll see trails going into the woods on both sides of the gravel roads. I think there are about 5 to 7 lakes around the area and you see alot of people fishing with boats and stuff. I know there are more ways to get in there but I don't know how to access them. People bring dune buggies, big 4x4's, and anything else that will drive through the woods out there. You see alot of people camping just anywhere. I think if find access to get in there you can set up camp or park there, nobody ever bothers anyone out there.

Hey Nopremix...a couple of us are gonna race the Forward Motion series this year..there is a team race(no points) this Sunday at Merwin..

Magnum..my folks live in H'ville and I was just at Merwin w/BigLou and KCHusky on Sunday before the rains hit..

Nothing really official to ride around/in KC..unless you know people or are a member of the Chicken Ranch or S&S Cycle Park..both private member only riding areas! Email me sometime at Jsteve15@sprintspectrum.com...or


Later, Jason

Hurricane, I think the place you ride is called Palmer Lakes(same directions anyway), been there once and got shot at, haven't been back. I would like to try it again cause this was about 10 years ago. We need to hook up sometime and ride there if you don't mind. I live in imperial at 55 and Richardson Rd. I ride Flat River a lot, kinda bored with it. I am out for a few weeks though.

momilkman, Going to Chadwick for the weekend of May 10 if weather is good. Maybe Hurricane would want to join my buds and I.

email me at edareus@juno.com

Went to the supercross last weekend, wasn't bad, RC is just way too smooth. Just think though some day he will have a young guy chasing him down just like he is doing to MC.

[ April 09, 2002: Message edited by: edareus ]

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