looking for a white tank for 1990 xr250

I am trying to find a white stock tank to fit a 1990 xr250. Old tank has a hole in it and it was orange. After market only offers 4.0 gal. Way too big. Will a later year XR fit?

Any tank for an XR250R between the years of '85 and '95 should fit just fine. You will probably find that a tank from an '85-'00 XR600R should fit also.

I hope this helps

you can have the old tank fixed. plastic can be "welded" had to do this to an old kx250. just do a search... there was a guy on here a couple weeks ago who need to do this after his kid accidently cut his tank removing old graffix.

racer36 :)

found it. go do a search , and choose the xr250/400 forum, type in "plastic weld" as the topic words to search, and change the time frame to "newer than 3 months"

it's the only post that comes up.. there's a couple links in one of the replies to plastic welding shops.

yer welcome! :):D

racer36 :D

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