Just curious anyone see motorcyclist on speed chan

Last night I watched the speed channel they had motorcyclists mag on with a yzf450 in Texas.

Dr D was there flicking the beast around, that guy has to much fun. But they did a pretty good show on it i thought.

Pretty fair pros and cons regarding the 4 speed

Raved on how lite and nimble it felt.

I wonder if it was the same one that was on a month ago showcasing the 450 form Texas with the Limo's and all the hype? That was a good review! That happened to be on Speed Channel also. Maybe it was a different one last night and I missed it. :)

No it was differant I saw that one also. This one was a great review. They even compared a ride for ride with the 2002 426 and the 450. It was well done I thought.

Bottom line was the 450 was Fast, nimble and will revitalize Yamaha's domination of the thumper class... :)

what did they say about the 426? Its funny how opinions change over one year with the media. Last year the 426 was still the bike to have, now they talk about it like its not even worth having.

Notinh bad they just compared how the 450 now revs quicker and is more responsive the the 426 through the gears. They noted that side by side the both are on equa ground, the 450 was just easier to throw around (In Dr D Term) Flickable.

Ego quote: "the 450 was just easier to throw around (In Dr D Term) Flickable."

Sounds as if they are describing a booger :)


Come to thnk of it, in the back ground some of the techs under the tent were like doing that flick thingy with the index finger.

I thought that was kinda funny :)

I have to agree, the darn thing is awesome.

Bonzai :)

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