Are the stock shocks on the 400s decent for jumping? Does it wheelie good? You all know that you cant have a bike w/o wheelie'n it right? How do the street tires hold up on traction in the dirt?

my '02s has decent shocks -- you can jump but it's no mxer. they are adjustable but if you're above average and wanna fly you might need heavier springs

for wheelies, you'll need to gear down a few teeth. then it's pretty good

stock tires are pretty lame in the dirt

2002 and later "S" models have the same suspension as the off-road only models.

This is the easiest bike to wheelie on. I just put the Quiet Core insert into my PowerCore muffler and did a bunch of "stealth wheelies" all over my neighborhood last night. :D

The street tires straight-up suck in the dirt. :)

With these questions I wonder if you have even looked at a DRZ? Have you ridden one yet? You are like a pilot asking if you pull back on the yoke....does the nose come up?

Go ride a DRZ, you will love it! Then you can practice your masterful wheelie skills and go 150MPH. :)

You'll need heavier springs for sure. The shock is fine. My '01 has a hair more rebound than I'd like though. I have to slightly adjust my riding style to compensate. The '02 now has the rebound dapening as well (lucky bastards!)

Also if you enjoy jumping like the way I do... you'll be happier with an MX'er. The "S" model has a bit of extra weight it lugs around. Doesn't have the same nice flick-able feel of an MX'er.

A motocrosser is not a good all day trail bike.

The Dr-z400 is a good all day trail bike.

The stock tires are useless off-road.

You can jump the DRZ-S, but not like a MX bike. I also ride a stock YZ250, and there is a huge difference between it and my '03 DRZ-S. If you want to MX, you have two choices (actually more, but two ideas) 1. Get a MX bike. 2. Get a DRZ, and totally re-do the suspension so it will me MX worthy. Then you gave up the purpose the DRZ was meant for - trail riding. Stiffen it up and your a$$ and back will be sore after an all-day ride. The 02 & 03 DRZ-S came with the E and kicker suspension, the 01 S model is soft as a marshmallow.

yes i have looked at one you ass. i have not however ridden one and dont have the opportunity to that i know of. if you dont like questions, dont answer them.

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