Need advice for setting up my '06 for MX; taller rider

I am 6'1" and find that the stock '06 YZ450 may not be quite dialed in. I searched for posts about taller riders and see that most install lower pegs, higher seat, higher/forward triple clamp but am hoping to get some advice specific to this bike.

My son is 6'3", and the only adjustment we've made to his '06 is a set of Windham bend Pro Tapers. He likes it.

i second gray. im 6'0 and ive put some windham bend sunline bars on my bike. if your over 6 feet, your probably pushing the 180+ catagory. so either revalve or get some new springs. i just revalved, set your sag at 98mm, and install a good front tire. ive found the tall seat to be worthless to me, but depending on your leg length, you might want to try that route.

Taller bars. I also have moderately large feet so i run a Hammerhead shifter. They have different lengths and adjustable tips. Really helps to get the shifter position dialed in if you have trouble shifting. The adjustment splines on the stock one just dont offer fine enough adjustment and do nothing for footpeg to shifter spacing.

One note about my son is that he's been on a YZF since he was 5'9" (his '01 250F), so he's grown into it. He's always ridden well up on the tank, and he's quite comfortable and natural with it.

Thanks for the info.....I am gonna check out the windham bars tomorrow

I have stock suspension and weigh in at probably 205 or so with all the gear on (maybe more......I am 200 at the gym). Because I have never ridden a bike with the suspension set up for someone my size so I have no idea how off my suspension is.

I have stock suspension and weigh ... 200 at the gym...

The right springs will make a lot of difference.

I added Protaper KX high bend, and added a 35mm riser. I am 6'-5", my son is 6'-1" and changed his match mine. KX was the highest bend I could find.

KX (high) was the highest bend I could find.
The Pastrana FMX bend is even higher (121mm vs. 105)

I would have bought the Pastrana bend but they gave up 1 inch on the width.

Also we offset the bars forward.

I am 6'1 as well and I have a SDG tall seat, RG3 top clamp with the higher bar risers, flexx bars FC suspension with revalve and stiffer springs and lowered pegs and it feels nice.

For those of you who got a taller seat what difference did it result in that made you like it? I would assume it is mostly how the legs fit the bike.

Anyone reccomend a suspension company to do the front and rear without having to sell a kidney to pay for it?

Regarding the kidney sales; IMO it is worth it to find someone that you can talk to frequently and have a good relationship with when choosing the right person to do the suspension. When you pay more for your suspension from a local guy, you are getting more than just the initial suspension mods, essentially, your getting years of advice and further dialing-in help from the professional.

Regarding the tall seat, I found it much easier to get up and down when racing XC in the woods. It's obviously more comfortable sitting for tall guys but you'll be amazed how much energy it saves from hard riding.

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