good sport street bike internet sites?

I know alot of the people that read this board also ride street bikes. I was wondering what are some of your favorite internet shopping sites?

A friend of mine decided to go out and get a street bike and he wants to buy some boots, helmet, jacket....all the gear basically.....It's his first bike and Im sure he can get some better prices on the net.



For shopping I'd definitly reccomend

And if you're looking for a place to shoot the breeze about Motorcycles, then you can try my site , and talk about all kinds of Motorcycles, from GoldWings, to Ducatis, to Montessa trials bikes. I'ts my personal hobby site, but it could be your hang out if enough of you like it.

Good luck.

dennis kirk is pretty good. So is www.competition

I ran/raced streetbikes for six years before going back to my roots. Here are some sites..some are shopping, some are independent sites, and some are photo sites. <--GOOD ONE! <--Used to be Good prices on Tires

That'll get you started..I heard rumors that shut down, but I haven't verified it yet.

The 'hopper'

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