The powernow makes some difference in the low RPMs. I mean just off idle. You get past about 2000 and it doesnt make much difference that I can feel. The Dr.D pipe made a much bigger difference in the low end of both our bikes. The powernow feels usless to me on the track because I keep my bike in the mid rpms, If I were riding trails, it would be of more use. If you are on a 250f, do yourself a favor and get a Dr.D pipe. If you still need more off idle response, think about a powernow.


Does it work? Yes.

Is it worth the money? Depends on how much you like what it does. :D

I have a YZ timed WR250F and have done various mods and tried different things. Starting with the free mods, it is pretty clear that dramatic improvements can be made on the stock 250F's performance (the WR in particular). For example, the effect of the grey wire mod seems to produce a more distinct change on a 250F than it does on 4xxF. Ditto the AP mod.

While a person might be satisfied with the power output of a 4xxF with a more restrictive exhaust (for sound reduction), the 250F suffers dramatically. It really needs to be running at peak power to perform well. When jetting is off you will notice it big time on the little F.

My point is this. The power now will not make your bike produce more peak power or torque. If you are really riding the bike hard you will mostly be in the mid to upper end of the throttle/rpm range where the power now has no noticeable effect. If this is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. There is some improvement left to be desired on the low end, though. The little F is not a stump puller by any means.

As mentioned already, the power now effects very small throttle openings. This is most useful in technical riding or in situations where you need some extra umph to pull along near the stalling point. It also improves the bogging out/stalling that occurs when you are chugging along and make a quick stab at the throttle (can't tell you how many times I've done that :)).

If you were to throw a PN on and just take a quick run around, you would probably only notice a very subtle difference. Get half way up a rocky hill and let the RPMs drop while you are trying to figure out where to put a foot down to negotiate some big rocks and while you have to also think about feathering the clutch to keep the power on and you will know what I mean. It does help. :D

I have a 2002 WR250F (Canadian version so no grey wire) and put on the Power Now. Up here it cost me about $150.00. I did notice a difference. I ride very technical 1rst gear trails with lots of rocks, roots, logs and shorter steep inclines. This is where I noticed the difference. I had better throttle at those slow speeds. There was more power on tap. Mid is very slightly better. No response on top.

Hope that helps.


"power now" its a miracle mod.guaranteed to add 25hp.anybody that wants to buy the "power now " just leave me a PM and make sure to include your creditcard #.

Feedback on Power Now - Euro spec WR250F

After reading all the controversy on the PN a few months back, I decided to import one (South Africa).

Installed the unit and tried the bike this weekend.

the only jetting change I made was to set the airscrew at 2 turns out as per their instruction sheet.

Starting - first kick hot or cold - do not need the hot start - my bike was a fairly easy starter provided the drill was followed and a good kick given (which if you're short like me, is difficult when stalled on the side of a steep incline). Now this baby starts with "half kicks". Very pleased with this.

Performance - bottom to lower mid is improved noticeably. I could corner a gear higher and torque out where before I had to scream it. This resulted in less wheelspin, more traction and improvement in overall speed.

Similarly in a straight line - could scream it or torque it - before the screaming it was the only option.

I ride with a friend who has a KTM 300 and another with a KTM 200. Drag racing them on sandy terrain resulted in me getting ahead of both and staying there until 5th gear at which time we had to slow down anyway. Before the 200 was always level with the 250f but as I could short shift more now I could reduce wheelspin and get traction.

Overall I am impressed with this product and would recommend it for offroad use. BTW - required no jetting changes apart from the airscrew.

What I would say is, it depends on what riding you're doing. I race cross-country. I run across a lot of suprise uphills...tricky tight tree sections...rocky sections. So, I torque my WRF a LOT. In this case, I noticed a nice improvement in low-rpm throttle response, and chuggability. At high revs, there's no difference. So if you MX, don't waste your money.

If you trail ride, and need a little extra control in sticky situations, it works. If you're looking for holeshots, and the ability to clear that 4th gear double, it won't help much.

If you read their claims carefully, it does just what they say it will. Don't read anything extra into it. Don't confuse 1/4 throttle with lower-midrange rpms. It helps with 0 to 1/4 throttle...not low to mid rpms. That's just where you usually happen to be when you use that part of the throttle.

Just my opinion, of course.

He is right it all depends on where you ride. Most guys around here have motocross bikes and try to ride in the woods and can't keep up.

Tell you in a week or so.

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