strange transmision click

When the tire is spun in the reverse direction "on the lift" there is a clicking coming from the front sprocket area about every full rotation. Is this normal? :banghead:

Every revolution of what? The wheel or the output shaft? Exactly every revolution, or randomly, or synchronized with the passage of one chain link?

one rotation of the fromt sproket.noticed this when adjusting the chain.did not have this when i put on a new set of sprokets and new chain on sat. went for a ride yesturday, came back and noticed the chain was loose so i adjusted it a spun the tire in reverse to lube the chain and noticed the click from the front sproket area.front and rear sprockets are alined and the chain is not binding:crazy:

It's possible that you knocked a tooth off of a trans gear. Since only 4th and 5th turn with the output shaft in neutral with a dead engine, it would have to beone of those two. And since you have said it's synchronous with the output shaft, it would be one of the gears on that shaft if it was a trans gear at all.

Use a stethoscope or a long rod to listen to the noise and see if it comes from inside the trans. Put the bike in 4th, and then 5th with the engine off, and push it backwards.

i finaly got a chance to check the bike while in only has the click while in 4.i changed the oil and a chunk of tooth was stuck to my magnetic drain plug. do i have to have the case split to have this much is this going to i have the shop put a new piston and rings or rings and a valve check. since it is torn down.can i still ride or is it going to destroy 4th gear. the bike is a 00 426.

Probably wouldn't be a good idea to ride it until it is repaired.....Sounds like money is a factor so why create more expense by riding it more while broken..

If the engine hasn't been freshened up for a while doing the top end would be


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