Looking for a good feel.......er gauge

o.k. I've searched everywhere for a good metric feeler gauge, with no luck. All the shops I've been to have the inches sizes converted to metric, but I want blades that cover the metric range specified in the manual. Even went to a foreign car part store, and the metric blades they had went in .05 increments and didn't cover the Honda spec's. This should be simpler :)


The manual also lists the ranges in inches. I got my feeler gauge from Advance Auto Parts, and it increments by the thousandth of an inch but has the metric equivalent printed on each blade.

If you need an exact size you can stack them to add the correct number. I do this to see the exact measurement as oppsed to a range. Make sure they are clean and no dirt or rags particles are in between the feelers.


They have ones that have the "mm" and inch measure printed on each blade. My favorite is the set that's "bend" about 45 degs. That makes it easy to slide in! :)

I've seen and have the gauges with inch and mm printed, but they are done in even inch increments, so the metric equivalent isn't exactly on the spot. Guess it hasn't bothered anyone else, but was hoping to find a gauge that had blades that covered the exact spec and the +- range. I hate stacking blades as it seems to be impossible to get out all the oil,grit, etc. A guy at the auto shop said to just eyeball it and get close :) Maybe in a v8, but not this motor.



"A guy at the auto shop said to just eyeball it and get close"

Nothing like a certified mechanic to tell you that. :) I would hate to go on a long trip in his car. lol

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