Rock Screen for '01 E-Model Headlight

Does anyone know of a source for a protective headlight screen for the '01 E Model? I'm more interested in the wire screen type than the clear plastic type, but either will do.

I've seen what you're looking for, but the guy made it himself. Guy bought a steel "grid" wire rock screen for a square KC off-road light and bought four mounting tabs from some electrical supply store that slipped over each corner of the light and had an eyelet where the screw goes. He then screwed all four tabs into the headlight and ended up with a nice looking rock guard.

Hey bud! Try fabricating your own out of something like heavy guage 1/2" square wire mesh. Home Depot or any ag feed/supply store should have the stuff. Now that you brought it up, sounds like a good idea and it would be very easy to do.

I bought mine through Baja Designs for 16.00 it is heavy gauge wire mesh.

FWIW, I tried making an acrylic cover for mine and it didn't work out too well. I had the acrylic cut and stuck it on with four small pieces of velcro. The thing fell off way too easily during small get-offs and the velcro stopped working after getting dirty and wet. I guess what I'm saying is that wire mesh is the way to go!

Weekend toy - does that kit you got from BD fit an S model also? 16 bucks aint bad.

BBaluminium makes one, not sure if it fits the 01E though.

Price in Aussie dollars $42.00


Sure is nice to hear from ya Eric, welcome back I think I'll make that my next project myself. Ran into a really nice guy from Denver who is a electrician who had a broken headlight, well crack clean across. With the way my buddies throw roost it sounds like a great idea.PS Steve from Denver anytime after hunting season you want to ride just let Shu or me know.

You could also check out the StonGard Headlight Shield at It's not as aggressive looking as a cage but it works and does not interfere with light output. A medium sheet covered my KLR and DRZ lights as well as lights on 2 XR's and a DR belonging to friends. None of us have had cracked lights in two years of use.


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