Trouble with Suspension

I have a 2002 euro 400exe and experiencing problems with the front end. Last weekend I went to practice on a motocross track. There was one section - about 150 yards long with lots of little bumps. The front end did not seem safe. It's difficult to explain - I expected the front end to soak up the bumps and the suspension to return normally. Instead it feels if the forks are trying to fight each other - almost as if the folks on the return stroke leap to the right and left. I spent a lot of time experimenting with the rebound and compression. I thought that perhaps it was just a characteristic of the track - but I tried my Dad's euro 250 gas gas enduro and his suspension behaves as expected. Eventually I put my bars little higher and the front end is better, but still not as good as I think it should be. Both folks have the same number of clicks set

I have adjusted the suspension as recommended - e.g. correct sags. Steering head bearings are correctly adjusted.

Has anyone got any ideas?


Have you looked at the fork oil levels to see if they are infact the same?

I found I had to dial in a lot of rebound on the forks of my 03 450E for it to work well on rough chatter like tree root sections and rocks. I was at 12 out on the rebound and about 30 out on the compression when I installed the ebay revalve kit. I'm now at about 20 out on the compression and 16 out on the rebound.

Do you have the correct springs in the forks for you weight and riding conditions? MX riding can call for heavier springs yet.

I do find these 48's tend to send more harsh signals to my hands when they deflect than my 43's did.

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