Tripleclamps and 03 cdi

I'm getting ready to install 20mm clamps on my 02. Are there any things to watch for when the shop presses my old stem into the new clamp? Can it be pressed in too far or not far enough? Also, has anyone tried an 03 cdi unit on an 02 either with or without an 03 cam? Is it a better mod than the cam alone? And, why does it always rain after I wash my car? :)

it is possible to not press the stem far enough but not likely, it's not possible to press it too far with doing obvious damage to the clamp. the most common mistakes are tweaking the clamp by not supporting it properly and forgetting to include the dust cover for the bearing when the press it back together

what are the 20mm tripple clamps going to do for the bike?? and where do you get them??

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