YZ 80 Forks for TTR125L......

I'm looking for a YZ80 Front end for my wifes TTR125L. She is an ex jetski racer and needs more suspension for her bike. She rides right through the front forks. I've done the BBR mods but she needs more done to the front end. I've called bunches of salvage yards looking for forks but no luck.

Any help out there???

Ok, so people are reading my post but no one responds??

I guess everyone is "looking" for front forks???

I think there are a lot looking for them in USA. Here in Australia they are pretty rare. Remember the YZ80 was not too popular in US or just about anywhere inthe world compared to KX or CR80's so not many were sold in comparison. It took me at least 20 calls to find a set here and then a guy tried to buy them out from under me and in reality racing TTR125's are rare here. The $$ price has gone up here in Australia and one guy I know brought a whole going good condition bike just for the forks. I would stick at looking and keep a close eye on the auction sites like Ebay. Try your local Yamaha dealer as well as often people have the bike, blow the motor and dont have the money to fix it and you pick up the bike real cheap.

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