Yzf 426 5th gear slipping ,parts possible to use


In my yzf 426 2001 the 5 th gear sliped 3 or 4 times . It has sleiped only one dog each time. No rattling noise, only like one missed ignition. I've splited the cases and found out that one gear dogs are in bad condition (5th). Question is if I have to change only the 2 wheels or is there another possibility that another wheel is responsible for 5th gear slipping.

Secound question is: can I use yz 400 tranny part in my yzf 426?

Take a look at this auction, I can buy this for $90. But I'm not sure about gears exchange.


The dogs on 5th and third are the only ones involved with holding in 5th, although the fork will be bent as well. 'Don't know if the gears will interchange with a 400 or not.

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