Seal Savers - do they work?

Well while watching the various posts I am looking at the Seal Saver ad - Does anyone have any comments on the pros or cons of these?


I would think that while the seal savers keep the dirt out they also must keep the dirt which gets in, in? Which is not a good thing as the dirt cannot fall off like it would if you had no seal savers. I myself like being able to look at the fork legs and see if there is anything up near the seals. I've looked and the seal savers too and thought the same thing as I think you are now thinking. Do they work?

When I had my suspenders ravalved By Dick's Racing in Vegas, he advised me not to use them. Little rocks have been know to wedge themselves in between the noeprene and lower fork tubes scuffing them up and causing seal damage.

I used them on my 2000 and now have them on my 2003. Never had a problem with a seal on my 2000 while my friends and relatives without them replaced numerous seals. Perhaps just lucky but I'm using them again.

Instead of seal savers just shorten the spring which goes around the seal,this will increase the tension which helps the wiper push off dirt

I tried using them at the beginning of the season, because of leaky seals. I found that they held too much dirt on the inside of the seal saver, so I took them off.

Thanks all for the quick and honest replies...

Roger :)

On my Wr, I was having to clean behind the wipers after every 3rd ride or so, or else they would weep pretty bad.

On a recommendation, I installed a set of SealSavers, and they have been great. They are super tight, and I honestly feel that NOTHING gets behind them.

I have had them on for 2 months, and I have no problems, and I would recommend them if your forks like to weep.


i use seal savers and havent had problem with seals since they have been on my bike about 6 months.there is no way dirt is going to past them into seal.first they are tight enough that dirt and dust is pushed down away from seal by the very end of seal saver.second if you flip up sealsavers and wash inside ever once in a while you will have nothing to worry about.seal saver clean dirt and mud off fork tubes before it has time to dry leaving less chance to scratch tube.

I use the neoprene booties on my 02 400 and my sons 00 200EXC. The seals on the 200 are nearly 3 years old and STOCK with no leaks.

We live in Ohio and the bikes have seen their share of mud. IMO they are well worth the money!

Good luck,

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