Well here we go.I got my answer back from YAMAHA today in reguards to the clutch problem we are seeing (grabby/noisy). They are calling it a less then desireable trait.At least they are in agreement that there is a issue with the clutch.There possible improvment is to remove the first steel plate and fiber plate then replace it with a YZ 426 02 steel and a 2 piece fiber plate. They also say soak the plates in oil overnight. The replacement part #`s are

5JG-16321-00-00 FRICTION PLATE


5JG-16384-00-00 PLATE SEAT

My dealer say`s if I bring it in they will give it a shot.So if you are having a problem I would call your dealer and have them contact yamaha and get your complant on file with your vin. in case of a part recall. :)

Is this official Yamaha policy??


This is in there words a possible solution. At least they are working on ideas to help or fix the problem. They've asked for a call back afterwards to see if it helped or fixed the problem. I will have it done next week the guy`s at my dealer are going out with me to ride the bike tomorrow and get a feel for the problem. Hopefuly this will help and we will have a fix.I have faith Yamaha will find an solution. :)

It sounds as though Yamaha is in contact with the dealership also looking to solve the problem.

Is that right


This is the same way I fixed my 2000 clutch when it was grabby and it worked great. I ordered the parts this afternoon. So I hope it does the same for my 450. I'll post as soon as I get them in and let you guys know if it helps.

so did it work?

Pretty cool of Yamaha!!!

I don't see Honda doing this with there bad valves.


My 450 is at the dealer getting this mod. It should be ready tomorrow. If I get it back, I will let you all know how it works.

I like the fact that Yamaha USA seems to be working on the problem. Here in Europe the only fix they had heard of was to soak the clutch plates in oil over night, and that didn't help. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of this new mod :)

Could you please let us all know if this is a good fix. The Yamaha answer sounds promising so please give us some info. Thanks :)

There is alot of power being absorbed through that clutch, which translates to heat. I have found the little bit of oil that soaks in gets burned up real fast with any amount of clutch use. If you pull it apart the inner & outer plates will tell you.

Hey moto515 just wondering if the Yamaha clutch mod had worked? I went riding last night and it seems to be worse than before so I can't wait till there is a fix. :)

I have not had it profromed yet. My dealer had to order one of the parts, so I`m on hold. I`m tempted to pull the parts out of my 426. Has anyone had a chance to try this yet? Hopefully this will get us all going in the right direction.At least we know yamaha is addressing the problem.I rode yesterday with the guy`s from my dealership, so they now know first hand whats going on. The one good thing is on my bike at this point its not getting worse. I`ll keep you guys up to date but its looking like next week for me. :)

I would not take the plates out of the 426 unless you have the 01 plates fix in it or a differant clutch say hinson or ???

Seems like yo would be just shooting yourself in the foot

I have a hinson clutch in my 426 . I`m waiting for yamaha to come out with the parts list (micro fich? ) so I can see if the clutch basket,hub and parts are compatable w/ the 450 before I sell it.

I would wait for Yamaha to deal with it.

If I want to look at a T-bone Steak I could stick my head up a Bulls butt but I'd Rather take the Butchers word for it.

If someone has access to both 01 and 02 parts fiches, could they match the fiber+base+spring inner clutch discs combo for both years. If they're the same, get the 01 parts and use them. It will likely only affect your lever action slightly as it did to the 00 when the 01-parts fix was done on them. You pull out one (innermost) normal fiber plate and replace it with the aforementioned combo. Too easy. I'll bet it turns out to be the 450 fix too.

This is absolutely awesome that Yamaha actually cares. I don't think I have seen anything like this for a Honda before... Makes me think twice about riding red... (don't go there :))

Matter of fact, I didn't even know this type of stuff was even possible (I don't know why not??), but it seems "Not Normal" if you know what I mean. For cars there is so much more support, but for bikes (dirt) it feels like we are left out or forgotten about.

Anyway, I hope they get to bottom of this, so that when a CRF passes you, you can't use your clutch as an excuse... :D :D :D Just kidding, just kidding, relax, I'm just kidding, since as you can see by my sig, even the little kids on the blue (pw50 types) are passing me. I don't have a good excuse yet, but I'm leaning toward ... uh ... err ... okay I just suck, but I still love it.

Ride on and good luck my blue brothers...

I mentioned in a previous post that Yamaha has better dealer support than Honda. This comes from working in the service end of both franchises. I also received a fax from western region tech saying that replacing the first friction plate with the three 02 parts might help the problem. The fax info is for testing purposes only and is not an official service bulliten yet. The reason they sent me a fax is because I called them to inquire about the problem. No other dealers will be receiving faxes (unless they call, I guess). If it does cure the complaint, it is just as important then to call the same Yamaha customer service number and give feedback on the improvement. If Yamaha gets plenty of positive feedback that it works, than it may become an actual service bulliten for all dealers across the country. I doubt it will ever be a "recall" as it is not really a safety related item. Recalls usually pertain to serious safty issues.

5JG-16321-00-00 FRICTION PLATE


5JG-16384-00-00 PLATE SEAT

These are the same part numbers I got on the fax. For those of you who like to work on your own bikes, the parts are about $14.00 apiece at retail. If you have a friend with a 02 426 manual you will see where these parts go in the clutch assembly. It looks to me like you will need to remove the innermost friction plate from the 03, and replace it with the three parts (which are the same thickness as the one 03 friction plate). You are actually installing a little spring plate in there. Clutch plates tend to stick together even when you pull the clutch in, and I guess the spring plate kinda forces the plates apart better. Maybe with the intent of letting some oil in between. Anyway make sure you install the spring plate with the correct side facing out (it should be labled "outside"). On a side note, I still haven't had a customer complain about this noise. We have only sold three 450s though. If anyone needs tech advice about this experimental fix, please contact me through private message and I'll get in touch with you.

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