listen to my xr650r in my garage!!!

i just love it :banghead:

pretty nice sounding R. ive got an L that sounds just a bit better, and it speaks ENGLISH! LOL! J/K.:banghead:

Nice sounding bike, but then again I'm biased being a fellow Greekster:applause:

i had agreat day so i had to end it with a's been 3 weeks since my last ride.i've missed it so much i couldn't get enough of it !!i rode it like a madman!! when my ride ended i went in the garage with my friend with his kawasaki z750 and he just got amazed by the way our bikes sounded in there.

i know you are all xr lovers and i wanted to share with you my passion.

so have fun and always stay upright.its an expression we say here in Greece meaning not to fell of the bike. :busted::banghead:

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