Oil cooler on a 650R

Would an oil cooler on a 650R be a risk ? Would the oil pressure drop to a dangerous level so it would be a risk for engine life ? I'm planning go to a higher state of tuning with my XR Super Motard: 680 kit, lightened and balance crank(with Falicon rod)/counterweight and flywheel. I've seen some examples of oil coolers on a 650R on the net. I want to keep it cool ,not to starve it.:banghead:

Thx ,but I have already one ,a slightly larger model from an older model CBR600.

Any problems on yours with the oil flow/pressure?

no problem.

no problem.

How long /how many km's is it on your XR?

I think it's a great idea XR man u got a good idea there.

Pictures and a how to tutorial please.

How long /how many km's is it on your XR?
:banghead::busted::D my xr, 35000 km
:banghead::busted::D my xr, 35000 km

35000 with cooler and no problems? ok ,thx:ride:

nice setup

very nice there.

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