Does the 07 wr450 turn?

The reason I ask is because I had a 06 yz250f and that thing did not wan't to turn. It had a really slow turning feel it would want to stand up in the corners . I am thinking about getting a 07-08 wr 450 .


I have an 07 WR450F, and yes it turns very well in the tight stuff,but you have to be sure and set your shock preload height setting like the manual says. I've had mine just about a month and love it. There's power everywhere after you do all the free mods.

That is the one thing that I really noticed from all the previous WR's, is that after you set your sag and get the suspension dialed in to your riding style, the '07 turns way better than any previous WR IMHO. Not much difference if any between '07 and '08, so try to find an '07 to save a few bucks. WR Dave.

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