O/T Compton Quad

For those of us who like to ride on the street from time-to-time. :)GhettoQuad.jpg

Maybe I should of posted in one of the Yamaha forums.

i boy,im calling that number to see if can rent a place there!that is a pretty slammin quad!the wheels were as much as the frickin quad.im sure that kid bought it all with his paper route money! :)

where'd they hide the hydraulics , after all , it's supposed to be a low rider isn't it ?? :)

does that qualify as a low rider ?? :) i always figured paper boys were better paid than i am !! :D

That's a Super Quad'tard. You know a quad version of a motard!! I wonder if that will catch on over in france and become all the rage!!

The rims are tooooooooo much :) not my style, some nice American Racing rims would look nice (mag or dirctional)

we can fit some drag welds on it with some mickey thompson slicks for race days :)

Well I guess he already has the thump-thump-tha-thump covered with that big ol' 660 engine. What a waste of time, money, and metal.

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