regulator wiring

my e-start has this thing where it works all day then the battery has to be put on a charger or it's dead. the PO had the baja designs e-start put on. today i was poking around looking for a loose wire or some other reason why the battery is not charging and found this.


the blue wire has been cut off for some reason. anybody have any idea why this would be done? and would it prevent charging? the e-start does work fine but not toward the end of the day.


get rid of that e-start and start kikkin, i dont even need a battery to run bigger headlight, blinkers, speedo, and taillight, just rewound the stator

yeah, i thought i'd do that after i bought it but i kinda like it now :banghead:

I have a 98 XR 600 R and i do not use a batt. I have one but it is no good when i bought the bike. BAHA DESIGNS told me that if i don't put the batt. back it will damage my reg. He said my blinkers will start acting up,my headlight and tail light. ????? I have not found that to be a problem yet :busted: That is not to say it won't be later,but i will take that chance.My stator is stock as far as i know but i am going to check the output this week and find out if it is a rewind (that would be cool ) My headlight is very brite but the blinker is on and the pulse can be seen to alternate with the headlight ? Do you have this with your rewind ? This i would like to know, can you post here if your blinker makes tour headlight pulse ? Thanks,as long as we are talking about it :banghead: Is your bike a 650 ? You did not say year and model ?

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