Dr.D pipe

oh and the stock header pipe will fit in the dr d

the drd header.. sorry that sound confusing all I am trying to say is that the dr d header is much larger than stock in circumfrence

Yep, same thing with changing the oil, 08 yz450 have to pull the head pipe out a bit. Other than that, it screams! $499 motosport.com

Hey fellers,

has anyone had problems with the oil filter cover bolts??? i have one stripped does the engine have to come out or can we just pull the side cove with the engine still in the bike?????


This thread is nearly 5 years old, but I'll try and help. Most of the time, it's the lower bolt that strips out. Mostly due to small shavings accumulating in that area. Usually you can replace the bolt as the threads on the bolt are the ones that go bad most of the time, not the cases. But if the threads in the cases go bad, yes you can remove them without pulling the complete engine.

Have a DRD 04-wr450 header-muffler (clears oil cover)trade for stock YZ header/muffler.BTR

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