XR 200R Jetting.

Has anyone found a jetting setup for a 2002 XR200R after removing the air box and exhaust restrictions?



Bob- A lot of people don't have to rejet after the mods you mentioned.Because the plug still looks good and xrs are known to come jetted rich.You can always experiment.First with the pilot setting.I went ahead and did that and lifted the jet needle one click.I haven't rechecked my plug after my last ride but didn't notice any bogging by doing that,maybe a little more burst. If you went with an aftermrket exhaust you might be more prone to rejet,depending on elevtion etc.

I opened the air box and removed the exhaust baffle, raised needle one clip (richer), and the bike preforms unbelievably better. I can know get wheelies in 1st and 2nd. There is still a little stutter when I whack the throttle wide open. I am thinking maybe the mods on the carb piston as suggested for the XR650L may work.

Alabama Rider,

Thanks for the reply.

We went out today and I went back to the 110 main jet on my wifes XR200R and it is running great. I'm not sure why it was popping earlier but it ran great all day today with the 110 Jet.

My brothers wife got a new 2002 XR200R last week. They had it out today for its break in. At first it was too rich down low and would gurgle until it cleaned out. I removed the restrictions from the airbox and exhaust and it ran excellant also. It makes quite a difference.

Thanks Again,


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