650R Clutch install/break in?

The clutch on my piggy is getting tired, and I got a new set of plates and springs for an xmas present...

I was reading on the box that you need to soak the plates in oil a few hours before you intend to install them. Thats fine. The only thing is, is I have been running Mobil 1 synth and would like to continue running Mobil 1 synth. However, when I installed my cam, it said that I had to use conventional oil for the break in.

Question is, is do I HAVE to use the conventional oil for the break-in of the clutch?

Wouldn't think so,just soak 'em and go.

I would use Mobil if i was to replace clutch and i use mobil oil already. Think your fine like said

all good.

+1 :banghead:

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