Installing new chain and sprockets

Alright guys, after several months of procrastinating and searching, along with recommendations from fellow TTers, I have settled on this chain and sprocket combo to go on my beloved bike:

Sidewinder 520 chain

Ironman 50T Stainless rear

Sidewinder 13T Tool steel front

TM Designs chain slider

Now- How do I put all this stuff on? Is it something you can easily do yourself (about the toughest thing I've done is put on the exhaust system)? Do you need any special tools? How long does it take? Any tips/tricks will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

It's all basic mechanic skills, be sure to get the rear sprocket bolts tightened well. With the exception of the chain, its easy to put on, but hopefully you order the right length, its not too hard to shorten with the proper tools, but you don't want to add master links to your new chain.

Tighten the sprocket in a criss cross fashion. First pass to 1/2 the required torque, 2nd to 3/4, and finally to full torque on the 3rd pass. It will never come undone and will not warp either. Dont forget red threadlocker.

Do not tighten it going around the sprocket in a circle.

The stock length will just barely fit the 50T, mine did on both the 02, and the 03. But it could stand one more link to put it in the middle of the range.

When removing the front sprocket, remember to bend back the small stop on it. Also, to loosen the nut on the front sprocket, you will need to put bike in first gear and tap your wrench with a hammer.

Use the wrench to loosen & tighten the nut.

Just use the Hex Key to hold the bolt in place.

This will stop you from stripping out the hex key hole in your sprocket bolt.

Still have to get the existing chain off. If you don't have a masterlink --- grind off two of the pins with some type of grinder that you can borrow for about 20 seconds worth of work.

Thanks for the help guys!

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