Any Suggestions for Temp Fix ?

Found this during my pre-race inspection the other night. New Shrouds were supposed to be here today but have been delayed until after my next race this Sunday. It might hold up but I think I'd like to add a little insurance if I can...

Thanks in advance....



Bonzai :)

Duct Tape! Especially for a race, you gotta have some duct tape on there anyway. Looks "works"!! :)

Duct tape (cloth reinforced) for sure - better known in mechanical circles as 100 mile an hour tape. Fixes anything - I keep a few strips taped to the top of the back part of my front mudguard all the time. :)

zip ties

drill a hole on each side of the crack and zip ty them together, do this in 1-3 locations. I have done this a few time with rear fenders and it works well (you need to wire it when it gets muddy) Later,


Originally posted by banffboy:

zip ties

I like to call it the frankenstein fix :)

Yamakaze - that is your right shroud that is broken right? Too bad it wasnt your left. I have a left OEM shroud sitting right here next to my computer that is in perfectly good shape. The right one is cracked in the identical same place as yours.

drill small holes around the crack and safety wire it. Some mig welding wire also works well. Twist it on the inside and it will barely even be noticable.

Loct-tite makes an industrial grade super glue, I know it will work. Been there, done that!


Try to epoxy (rough the plastic up first) a large, thin fender washer on the outside. You may need a longer bolt since that one is recessed. It will help spread the load while "holding things together".

I've gone so far as to actually drill 3 holes around the perimeter of the washer and rivet (use rivet washers on the back side) the plastic and washer together. Surprisingly tough. A good tough piece of plastic also works (like a 'free' semi mudflap found along roads everywhere).

Zip-ties work sorta, but act like a "hinge" and allow flop. I used the plastic piece of mudflap and a hot melt glue gun to fix my kid's broke-in-half rear fender from underneath. Worked so good for so long that I did it to the new fender to reinforce it.

Epoxyducktapeziptieshotmeltgluegunandearwaxit alltogetheroughttodoit.

I hate to give away my BIG secret on how to fix plastic but here goes. (I was hoping to get in Trail Tips someday)

Go to WalMart and get a fiberglass repair kit. Trust me, the best plastic fix you will ever find.

Thanks Guys....I think I got a good temporary fix for this race...I am taking the duct tape with me just in case.



Bonzai :)

Wow! My doctor doesn't do stitches that nice! Should still leave a really "butch" scar, though! :)

Nice job, Dr. Yamakaze

That is a nice repair. Whenever you have a crack in anything, it's a good idea to drill a small hole at the end of the crack to keep it from growing.

Hey Yamakaze,

How about coming up to Seattle and you can

safety wire my roadracing bike?


Love the sew job!

What kind of digital camera do you have Yama?

I've just been using the digital camera that is part of my camcorder. It works ok, but I like the clarity of your pics.


I'm Using a Sony DSC-S85 Digital Camera.

Bonsai :)

I have a set of pre 01 radiator plastic by acerbis I will give to anyone who sends me a ups shipper #.

I just ain't gonna pay shipping...


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