Stormcycles Hot start button.

I saw an ad for a new company that's making hot start levers for the CRF/YZF. It was $39.99 versus $49.99 for the DR.D setup so I figured why not. They look the same actually and I was impressed with the workmanship. Fit and finish was good and it works as it should. So if you need or want a new hot start lever give this one a try.


Do they have a website?

Nevermind, just typed in the company name and it is under construction. Where did you see the advertisement?

Cycle News had the ad last week. It's the glossy cover with Colin Edwards. Look in the classifieds and you'll see a picture. They also offer a really trick tool to adjust the clickers on forks with offset bar mounts.


I was talking to a machine shop today about having a tool made with a tiny flat head with a 90 degree angle to fit under my bars to adjust the compression. Geesh, the stock bars on the stock perches wouldn't allow for a straight-on screw driver adjustment. Then, with an additional 3mm forward with my Scott's Performance perches and ProTapers, there will be no way for a screw driver to reach 'em.

I'll call the company and ask them to send me a brochure.

i don't know what's the big deal about moving the hot start to the right side is...I did it with Dr....duback and didn't like it....too late now...

The guys at Goki and Storm Cycles have been around a very long time, like decades. Larry and Mike are personal friends of mine, and you can call them at 818 998 0852.


I think the reason some folks do it is because of starting it in gear, like in a technical off-camber like section, holding both the hot-start and clutch at the same time for folks with smaller hands may not be able to do it as easily as just having the hot-start pushed in with the right hand's thumb...

hope this helps,



I was about to change mine back from the Dr. D and hadn't gotten to it yet, but last Sunday I broke my clutch perch and was able to moto the rest of the day on an old Yamaha clutch perch. I'm convinced now, that for that one reason alone, it is worth it. :)

<font color="brown">You guy's want to see a really nice Left side Hot Start? A member of T.T. makes them. He goes by RC49. I have one on my bike for a long time now. It hold's up great and the workmanship is amazing to say the least for a guy just making them on his spare time. You'd swear it was made by an after market co. for sure. Sort of cool that there is very few out there!! There might be 5-10 bikes at the most that have them!! I think it was 44.00. Got it so I could run handguards. In my opinion it's the NICEST one out there!! It's at

I've got the RC49 hotstart too, and gotta say I couldn't believe the craftsmanship when it came in the mail. Beautiful finish and it works perfect. It mounts on the left side, but I don't find any problem pushing it in while holding the clutch in, since you use your thumb for the hotstart and fingers for the clutch. I'd be nervous if it was on the other side because of the tendency to twist the throttle--as it is, I hold the front brake to keep away from twisting it, but with the thumb pushing in, the hand naturally wants to go that way.

I like the one made by RC49, but I run a juice clutch. I e-mailed RC49 to see if he would make one for the right side/throttle side. He said he would look into it but never got back to me. I just use the stock perch mounted on the right side with the hot start lever facing down. I can reach it easily by holding the M/C and using my thumb to engage it. Works great, but it doesn't look so good. People always ask, "does it hit your leg or knee?" the answer is no. Of course I wear Knee Braces so I probably haven't noticed it hitting my leg.

Motorep, can you post a pic of the hotstart lever?

I've yet to use the hot start on my 03 CRF.

- Cold: It starts 1st or 2nd kick whithout fail.

- Hot: It's never missed a start on first kick (no hot start)

I'll leave the hot start on but maybe its just for looks :)

I have an rc49 hot start and I agree it's a work of art. I live in Australia and I'm sure I would have the only one here. THANKS RC49 :)

I agree with it hot you don't need the hot start a lot of times. It's when you fall and flood it is when the hot start mode kicks in!

How do you like your Azonic Bars?

<font color="brown">Their great and super strong since their oversized PLUS the cross bar. Got them in the Larroco bend which is a little higher and less sweep. Had some bad falls and not a bend in them yet! Since they first came out they updated them. They use to be actually two bars in one. One tube slide into the other and were rated very stong then. Now their just one solid bar. Called the deluxe bar. Think I've seen them as cheap as 85.00. I paid 100 for mine.

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