HOLY CRAP, What a Christmas!!!!!!

Hey guys,

As of yesterday, I will be joining ya'll here in this forum. My wife bought me an 08 wr450 for Christmas. :busted:


I have a garage full of XR's and now I will be riding Blue. I can't wait to get it out this weekend!!!!!

I hope all of you had as good a Christmas as I did!!!!!!



Congrats.....Once you go blue you never go back!:banghead:

Welcome and good for you!

Welcome to the blue side!

Now, go through the sticky at the top of this forum to make it actually run right, and order a replacement front tire before you kill yourself!!

Congrats on the new addition to the family! She's going to bring many miles of smiles to you...:banghead:

Stay true to the Blue,and now your Red is dead.:banghead:

Enjoy all of them!

Enjoy all of them!

damn right:prof:

sweet! like said above go through the stickies (07 mods will work) and make that thing run like its supposed to!

wow! happy new blue!

:banghead: My lovely wife bought me an 06 WR450 for Christmas! It only had 50 miles on it and I rode it yesterday..woo hoo! What an awesome bike. Hands down better than my TTR230, duh! Of course I dumped it several times due to snowy, muddy, and my inexperience, but can't wait for more!

Thanks for this site, it is an excellent forum.

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