Carb. Problems

I am having a problem with my bike at idle speed. If you give it gas it will idle real high, and stay like that for a while, even if your riding. If you have it parked and drag the clutch the engine draws down and idles lower. I've fiddled with the hot start and cables, with no luck. Does it sound like adjusting the fuel screw will help?

the fuel screw might help.

you might have a plugged pilot jet.

or better yet, a pilot AIR jet that is plugged or almost plugged. i'm sure you know where the PAJ and MAJ are bud.

My bike does the same thing, I have went from 1.75 turns out to about 2.3 or so with the fuel screw & seem too help a little. Where is the Pilot AIR Jet located ? I was now thinking about going up to a 42 Pilot jet as well. Something is ether partially stopped up or its a tad too lean on the bottom is my best guess.

Thanks Sunruh, I had the same symptoms as BUD, and now my idle irritation seems to have been cured, I removed the carb from the boots and took the pilot air jet completely out, and sprayed carb cleaner in the hole. The bike idles perfectly now, I can't even make it go to a high idle like it used to. The only other thing I done was Correctly Gap the spark plug, I can't imagine this having a effect on idling though. The bike before would idle high & then if you let out on the clutch it would sometimes idle down, very annoying. I can hold the gas steady now and let off & the idle immediately drops. Took about 10 minutes.

glad to help.

REALLY glad i can finally post.

now, you DO know how that happened right?

you put in a freshly oiled filter and started it didn't you? :)

I am assuming that pilot Air screw is extremely picky, or maybe there was something behind it that I couldn't see, and yes I have started her up after a filter change just to hear her. I really never knew about the Pilot Air jet. I finally half way understand Pilot Jet & Main jet, now we are talking Pilot AIR jet. geez. We need fuel injection.

I fiddled with the pilot air screw(pardon me, not fuel screw) and still had no luck. With small increments I turned it from full in to like 3 or 4 turns out and it didn't seem to change at all. I guess now I'll try cleaning out the PAJ and MAJ again, any ideas?

Sprayed contact cleaner into intake bell of carb and then set pilot air screw to 1 and 5/8 turns and lowered the idle. I thought I had it fixed, rode it around yesterday and today, and now it started acting up again. ARRRRRR!! I used to think I was a good mechanic, but these new fanggled carburators can be couple of hands full.

Bud, my sons bike did te same thing when new, his air screw was only a half turn out, so I kept turning it out untill it improved. I eventually went to a 42 pilot-jet which seemed to improve starting as well. But back to carb cleaning, last week we used a liquid A-C oil and in 45 min. the bike had erratic idle. Take the carb off and clean with cleaner and compressed air if available. Read the book and don't touch the throttle position sensor. By the way when you unhook the TPS connector the tab in the middle of the connector comes out with the MALE connector ( i wish the book had explaned this! ) I also took the the boot clamps and ground the spacers about 1/16th inch and threw out the phillips screw on the A-C side for an allen screw, much better.

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