Typical brake wear???

I bought my 520SX in June of last year.

I replaced the rear brake pads somtime early this year (january or february). Well, they look mighty low again. I think I'm going to have to replace them by the end of the year, or very early next year, again.

I am still on the original front pads.

I don't even use the rear brake that much, mostly just for quick stops (locked), or for brake taps and brake slides (again, all locked). I use the front HARD, quite often hard enough to require me to back off the lever because my front tire is occasionally locking.

I do not beleieve I am dragging the brakes, as I keep my foot fairly far away....the compression braking is generally sufficient for most slow downs for the rear.

How often have you guys all gone through front/rear pads??

Like I mentioned...I am on the original front pads, and about ready to throw on my second replacement pair of rear pads....and this just seems backwards to me!!!

Normal brake wear, I would say. Everyone I ride with goes through rear pads more often. You use them more than you realize, and conditions play a huge part. I have worn out pads in one race before when there were wet and muddy conditions. If there were a problem with a caliper hanging, you would know it because your brake would overheat and go away/have no pedal.

I agree with Johnf3. With slotted rear rotors, I have also gone through sintered pads in one day of riding in the mud. I find the softer pads, EBC Carbon/Kevlar, I use with my solid rear rotor will last me much longer in those same conditions. Even so, I figure a month or so and they're gone.

That's been my experience as well with this 4-stroke. Rear pads go pretty quick. I even had to replace my rear rotor after about a year of using metallic pads. Seems like the sintered or carbon pads last a little longer and are easier on the disk. I'm hearing the hot setup is a solid rear rotor...supposed to make pads last forever.

BTW, The solid rotor I've found to be the best is the one from www.erider.ws . They're thicker and harder than the KTM, Fredette and Moose one's that I've owned.

Have also worn pads out in 1 gritty sand or mud ride many times. I think the main issue is your front brake ware. Unless your riding is primarily in loose sand you should be using up front brake pads nearly as quick as your rears. I go through 3 sets of fronts to 4 sets of rears, remember about 75% of your whoaing power is on the front.

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