Oil cooler questions for "L"- sorry!

I have two new (I think) questions. First of all, I've seen some nice but apparently fairly complex oil cooler set-ups, but I like the simple straightforward idea of just tapping into an existing line. So my first question is: Does anyone know of a link that maps out the oil lines and pumps and direction of oil flow on the "L" so I can come up with a set-up?

Second, is there any chance of installing a cooler in such a way that when the bike is turned off, oil from the cooler can drain out and cause a temporary oil starvation upon startup? If so, could a check valve be installed under the cooler to prevent this?

Oh, lastly, I've heard of one guy using transmission line and hose clamps to install his cooler. What kind of legitimate line options would there be for a good installation? Thanks in advance!

I definitely would use quality AN fittings and some good lines like Aeroquip, i have a ton and there awesome. You can buy all this from Summit and jegs for pretty cheap and the Aeroquip line is top notch for durability and longevity. Seen the scotts setup with the XR400 cooler and they never used a check valve so i think your fine in that area. Not exact about which line as used for in/out to cooler but im gonna put one on myself before spring.

This link may answer your questions.


bump, so I can find the link later!


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