Fuel Screw

After my 03 has been sitting a bit it takes three to four kicks to start. The kick starter kicks easy enough it just seems that the fuel is not getting in there or something.

Someone remind me about what the fuel screw does and how it may effect starting?

I am not sure about the fuels screw, but i always pump my throttle 3 times before i kick it and it fires up everytime. I always turn my fuel off so the carby just might dry up or something.

I was told by the guys at the Honda shop to turn my fuel screw a 1/4 to 1/2 turn more. And I also snap my throttle 2 or 3 times b4 starting ,and I never have problems. Hope this helps

<font color="brown"> If your bike is really setting for a long time like a month or so just tilt it so you see fuel coming out of the overflow until you think the bowl has filled with fresh gas from the tank. It doesn't take very long for that little bit in the bowl to go bad and lose octanne I'm sure. I'm also a throttle twister, 2-3 times. Colder it get's the more I twist. <font color="brown">

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