street legal my 03 wr-250 ? ont canada

I would like to put,signals,brake light,maybe a horn on my

wr.Where is the best place to get these parts?

Will i need a voltage regulator ?

The toronto bike show is coming up,would there be any parts

there for sale? Thanks in advance for any help.

Do we need signals to be legal? I got my brakelight switch from the local bike shop. And use one of those horns for a boat.

Your Wr already has a voltage regulator. All you need is

A brake pressure switch, mounted on the rear master cylinder. $20

Wire the tailight to the switch and install a brake light bulb if it dont have one in it.

A mirror. Acerbis $15

Dot tires. Kenda makes some cheep Dunlop 752 nockoffs that are dot legal.

Licensplate mount. Promoto billet has them I think. Or mabe baja designs.

you may beed a different tailight with a liscensplate light. You may need blinkers. this varies from state to state. You may also need hi/lo beam headlight.

I dont have the HI/lo light, blinkers, or Dot. and mine is legal in Michigan. Although Mi does require DOT and HI/LO. I just got away without it. Somehow.

Oh yea some states also require a battery to run the lights with the bike off.

I have a really cool horn design if you are interested. PM me for info.

In case anyone was wondering i will only receive my wr in

january,i am only doing a little homework before i receive her.

I dont think signals are required,but would less likely

be pulled over if i had them on.

The best thing to do is ask a cop. Seriously, ask him "What can I get a ticket for?".

Most of them carry a little book, they'll tell you right there.

That's what I did.

Hi Al,

If a policeman is sticky he might want to see hi/lo beam, but the biggest counters are nice looking tail light with white light onto the blue plate with valid sticker, a big obvious real mirror, a working headlight (DOT approved is not really checked), valid license, registration and insurance right there to be produced cheerfully, horn might get checked but you should have it for your own benefit, and the clincher is signals. If the policeman sees working signals he'll figure for sure the bike was meant for the road in combination with the proper paperwork. In the Toronto area you can get Kenda Trakmasters at Parker Bros Motorsports for a good price.

If you run into a policeman with a mission, not in your favour, you can get dinged for non-DOT tires, but not for signal lights except after dusk and technically you don't have to have a speedometer (I know a guy who went to court over that one and embarrassed the policeman in front of the judge) but it's silly not to run one at least as an odo. Be a model driving-test rider through town and if you're spied before you know it, you'll start on the right foot in your police encounter. Wheelies etc will sink you, no matter how legal the bike. I don't think there's a lights-on run-time battery requirement in Ontario, but you can stick a little 12 volt SLA battery in if it makes you feel better, but check that your bike runs a dc system first. There have been threads about getting an ac system to dc operation.

Big factor - if the stock pipe is loud you will slide down the "treated well" scale pretty quickly. Being real loud groups you with the mx-kid in jeans pissing off the neighbours complaint that the policeman probably just responded to the other day. Most police don't know the finery's of deciding how legal a bike is, so if you help them by making their decision easy re concluding you are legal, it just helps your odds.

Depending where you buy the bike, you may be able to buy the accessories at the dealer and get the new bike certified on delivery, but don't expect it, it's a lucky thing if you can manage that.

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