Any one work in the medical field?

I was just wondering if anyone is a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, etc and own or ride bikes? I don’t think allot of people in the medical profession have time or would be interested in riding. I personally don’t know anyone that does.

I love the sport, next year I will be applying to dentistry school but I don’t think I will ever dislike riding. I will probably need to take a short break while im in grad school but i will be up and running in no time.

I am the director of Cardiopulmonary Services at the hospital I work at. (aka Respiratory Therapist) I am attempting to get in to Physician Assistant School. I have been in the medical field for over 10 years and know many others that ride as well. One guy I ride with on a regular basis is a dentist. Nothing wrong with it. I think many people see the negitive aspects of motorcycling associated with the injuries that they see. I am on the trauma team here at my hospital and we are always getting basket cases off of the dunes. Ruptured spleens, multiple fractures and the like. People (nurses, physicians) always say "motorcycles are so dangerous". What they fail to realize is that 85% of the carnage we get are either intoxicated themselves or were hit or caused to wreck by someone who was intoxicated. Anyway interesting post.

Anyone else???


Im the Dr of Cool :)

In fact I wanted to be a Rock Star but my mom wanted me to be a Doc

Just Call me Doc Rock

Ace I did not know you were in the field. Geez I thought you just did the Skull Cam thing.

Thats Awesome

I am a Veterinary Cardiologist. Does that count? I went to school for 12 years and have 3 diplomas! And they call me Dr. :)

I'm a medical imaging physicist. My main focus is digital x-ray imaging. I've been working in larger hospitals/academic centers for the last 6 years.

My wife's a pharmacist. She hates my hobby. :)

Hey gsrthomas, I went to dental school so that I could only work three days a week and still afford to raise my family and ride too. The best advice I can give you which was given to me before I got into school, once you are in school don't relax work your butt off!!! you may think that you don't want to go to specialty school later but if you don't place in the top 25% of your class you will never even have the option.

Good luck, what school are you going to?...

Most of your classmates will be geeky but there will be a lot of cool people as well. But remember work your *ss off from day 1.

love this forum I have learned a lot while lurking here

Best of luck Dano

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I'm currently a Junior at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. Not the greatest city in Cali. I really want to do Dentistry but if my gpa is lower then a 3.0 i will be forced to do Optometry or Pharmacy thats the other occupations i see myself doing. Right now my gpa is good. This semester I've been slacking alittle bit. I need to get my act together though.

How was dent school? Which one did you go too? Any other advice you can give me?


Does an EMT count. I used to work 24hrs shifts 10 days a month, plenty of time for riding. But the $4.50 an hour really didn't affoed to many aftermarket products.

Foot Doc here! And have an opthalmologist, oral surgeon, scrub tech,and dentist buddies that ride. Couple of foot docs in beaumont,tx and some in pennsylvania also. In the new mxracer mag, andy taylor writes an op-ed on page 19 that summarizes the love of the sport. A sport that is not without significant risk and injury, but one that has significant rewards and special meaning for those who participate! (Only problem is -relating that to the ER doc or spouse that doesn't ride and doesn't understand) I personally have set limitations for myself-as far as jumping -doubles only and nothing over 50 feet. I also don't race, at least not yet. As Andy Taylor puts it, ".....two wheel heaven!" DW [pollstop]

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Dr. Demento here. :)

Hey Raceinace, I think what you mean to say is, yes you are going to crash, theres no doubt to it. The degree of terror thats involved depends on two things, the speed at which you crash, and what you hit during the crash.

I wouldnt try to blame it on liquor though, thats only going to give you a false sense of security. Cause you know yer gonna crash. :D

I am a 42 y/o dentist. I work 4 days and ride 3. As they say in Kentucky where I am from originally, "It don't git no better'n this!!"


Im a surgical tech ( 14 yrs) and Im currently on racing hiatus cuz of a little get off that ate all of my sick/vac time for a year. I sometimes work with a plastic surgeon and a pediatrist who also ride. Its nice to have others around who are also harassed for riding. People in the O.R. dont have alot of sympathy for us. Oh well.

I am a volunteer ski patroller at the local area here in MI and hold a JD degree--does that count? I think I am the only one on the patrol and in the local bar associations that still rides off road. Last year sitting around the patrol room (before I bought my WR) I was talking with a guy (going to school for EMT) and who was a street rider (BMW) and an ER charge nurse. I asked the nurse what types of injuries does he normally see from dirt bikers at his ER (Bronson Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI--biggest trauma center in the area). He said mostly collar bones (did 1), arms (did 1), legs, ribs (did 2), knees (did 1), wrists, and like some of the others here say, very few are from competition or on tracks. All of my hurting has been from tracks from riding over my head, except my knee--it was just ready to go from too many years of abuse.

The nurse said the "crotch rocket" riders usually don't make it to the ER.

For the aspiring students--give up all the serious riding and focus totally on your studies. Your GPA in the first few terms hangs with you forever. It is very tough to bring it up, but easy to go down. Try to spend at least 2 hours (or more) out of class studying for every hour in class. Pick out the brighter students and form a study group. Don't be afraid of the prof's and ask them questions--you are paying their salaries!

I would love a 3 or 4 day work week and a wife who liked my

hobbies! I should have been a dentist. My dentist works 4 days a week, used to ride and farms. He hurt his hand farming pretty bad and can't do anything now.

I'm a physician - Chief of Anesthesiology - and Vice Chief of Staff. I race twice a week and so do 3 of my 5 kids. I love riding and racing and I don't let other peoples misconceptions about our sport affect me. There is a risk/benefit ratio to everything we do. Learn the risks and minimize them by careful practice and don't ride beyond your skill level. You can always attempt that triple next time when you feel a little more comfortable - no need to rush it before you're ready. Then hold on and enjoy the benefits - a high that doesn't require drugs and lasts for days at a time!

Have fun - Dr. Brett

YZ250F_Rider - I wouldn't say I am blaming liquor.... simply stating the fact that at least 85% of the trauma we get around here has some component of alcohol attached. Sure people are going to get hurt riding, racing, doing what we love to do...that just comes with the risk involved which is in my opinion only slightly higher that driving your car to work with all the idiots on the road. I have more injuries from car accidents than from riding my motorcycle.

Kool to see so many others in the medical profession who ride!

EGO: Registered Respiratory Therapist by day (40hr/wk).... Skulcam by night (30-40hr/wk)

Racing a GP this weekend at Washougal... anyone else attending???

Retired Firefighter/Paramedic...bikes didn't get me, fighting fire did. Still have lots of time to ride!


I'm a gynecoligist wanna-be. My problem was I was to picky with the patients I wanted to see and the good ones I would scare off! :)

gsrthomas - I met my wife while she was in pharmacy school at UOP! She's a clinical pediatric pharmacist but is currently doing adult medicine as well. My parents still live in Stockton (yuck).

Although I am not either a pharmacist or a dentist, I would choose pharmacy over dentistry in a split second. In fact, if I could go back to school now I would be a pharmacist.

Jobs are plentiful and varied. Don't like working at Walgreens? Fine, the local communiuty hospital very likely has openings. Don't like that? How about a large academic institution? Or a pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Or a pharmacy information systems vendor. My wife has consulted for a company that wrote pediatric drug utilization guidelines. The offerings are plentiful and varied enough to suit almost any personality.

However, you MUST get good grades, do a residency after you complete your degree, and pay your dues as a staff pharmacist for a couple of years. That will open the most doors in the long run. Although my wife does have a friend who was a C student through pharmacy school and has been completely happy with her 8-5 shift at a local VA hospital since she graduated. No residency. No plans for moving up. The money is good and the hours are decent. She doesn't see any need to change...

Regards and good luck.

Steve T

my wife is an RN, she gets to take care of all my bumps and bruises! :)

I am not in the medical field but my wife is a nurse. I had a broken humerus that took a year to heal and talked to a lot of doctors during that time. I have to say that Dr. Johndy Cohen in Modesto California is the coolest orthopedic doc I have ever talked to. They call him the motocross doc and he pointed me in the right direction for a second surgery and told me don't worry I will be riding/racing again in 3-6 months. Dr. Cohen races mx himself and drops anything he has going to talk to anyone with a motocross injury. All the other doctors I delt with over the year I was off told me I would never ride again and I should have never in the first place. All, except for Dr. Cohen and the doctor here in Kansas City that got me back to normal.

My wife was cool about the whole thing too even though it affected her life style in a big way for a year.

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